What to Expect from Hit-and-Run Charges in Richmond

A hit and run case will very much depend on the actual offense, whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor. If it is a misdemeanor case, then it will be tried in the General District Court. The prosecutors will get involved in most cases if it is a misdemeanor case especially when it involves property. A hit and run attorney in Richmond can move to try and workout a plea agreement if restitution is paid to the property owner. In felony cases they will be tried in the circuit court. Again, in a case like that if it is a property damage case then restitution is very important to try and take care of.

If it is a case involving injury then the individual is likely looking at a significant jail sentence. For this reason, it is very important that if you believe you are being investigated for a hit and run in Richmond (as either a driver or a passenger), that you take steps to protect yourself. Most importantly, you should contact and speak to an attorney to learn more about the case and your options. If the police want to speak with you, you should also contact a lawyer to represent you.

What Do Richmond Officers Look For in Hit-and-Run Cases?

Officers in a hit and run case are typically looking for signs of intoxication and drug use. They are trying to determine number if the hit and run was done to hide another issue.  In addition to that, what they are looking for is injuries to any individuals and they are looking for significant damages as a result of it either to your own vehicle or to unattended property. What they are also trying to determine is the underlying cause of the hit and run and that comes back to is there drugs or alcohol involved, is there a firearm being hidden, something like that.

Common Hit-and-Run Offenses in Richmond

It is a very common offense. Being a city with a large student body, there are high number of instances of DUI and suspended licenses and as a result hit and run offenses are actually quite common. Most hit and run cases in Richmond, Virginia actually involve unattended property – parked cars, mailboxes, fences. Those are the most common and they are of the Class 1 Misdemeanor variety.

Prosecution of Hit-and-Run Offenses in Richmond

They do prosecute hit and run cases, the felony version and the misdemeanor version. Prosecutors will very strictly prosecute the hit and run cases that involve drug and alcohol, in particular when injuries occur. If it is a felony case the prosecutors in Richmond, Virginia are unlikely to consider any mitigating factors or anything of that nature especially when it is a case that involves injuries to any individual and especially in a case that involves a DUI.

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