What To Expect From Attempt to Elude An Officer Charges?

In Richmond, eluding is a fairly common offense as the city has a high number of students and young adults who are more apt to make rash decisions.  In addition, eluding tends to stem from an underlying suspended license, DUI or drug possession charges that are common in the City. If you have been accused of eluding a law enforcement officer you should consult with a Richmond traffic lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

The following is more information on attempting to elude an officer charges, and what you can expect if you are accused.

Do Commonwealth Attorneys Prosecute AEO Cases In Richmond, Virginia?

They do prosecute these cases even the simple eluding matters with no damages or injuries. The prosecutors will move to severely punish and prosecute the cases where there are injuries or there are probable injuries to officers and the bystanders who may have been affected by an attempt to elude.

What Should I Expect From An AEO Case In Virginia?

If it is a simple eluding case and there is no prior record, there is a likelihood that it will be lenient and we can get the matter reduced. However, if it is a case that involves endangerment to officers and bystanders then it is likely to be punished much more severely especially if there is an issue where there is drugs, alcohol or guns involved in the case.

How Can A Richmond Attempt To Elude An Officer Lawyer Help?

A Richmond attorney can assist in an eluding case in many ways. An attorney can challenge the case through cross examination and determining if the state can prove that there was an eluding. Was there a willful and wanton disregard for the signal by the officer? An attorney can also present either a defense, that a defendant did not see or hear the signal by the officer or that he or she believed that they are being pursued by a person other than the law enforcement. These can be used either as a defense or a mitigating factor in the eluding case. An attorney can also attempt to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor to get the charge reduced or lessen the possible penalties you can receive.

What is Attempt to Elude An Officer in Richmond?