How Shoplifting Differs from Theft in Richmond

With shoplifting, as opposed to other theft-related offenses, normally, one is going to have more direct evidence. Somebody saw it happened or there is video evidence or audio evidence but some more direct evidence as opposed to something circumstantial where they are having to put pieces together to build the cases. There is usually going to be more involvement from the alleged victim in a shoplifting case because the alleged victims, normally in shoplifting cases, are going to be big-chain stores like a Walmart, Target, Kohls, and certain grocery stores. They normally have policies that require their loss prevention departments to go after these individuals and to push for a heavy prosecution.

With these stores, they are going to put more pressure on the Commonwealth to secure some form of conviction as opposed to just letting it go for one reason or another. That is going to be the main difference between just a regular, run-of-the-mill theft charge and a shoplifting charge.

If you are being charged with shoplifting and want to understand the difference of shoplifting from normal theft in Richmond, then contact a local skilled Richmond theft lawyer. The lawyer will help make sense of the charges and help start a defense on your behalf.

Shoplifting vs. Other Offenses

Normally, when one is dealing with a shoplifting case, from the beginning, one is going to be looking to see, what can Virginia lawyers find and what holes can they find in the store or the store’s policy that can be used in a defense? It is also going to be imperative that one is thoroughly prepared to cross-examine, to impeach, to show that not only, of course, the Commonwealth cannot meet certain elements of the case but also that the individuals who are employed at the store are doing something wrong or have not followed up here and have not done stuff that they should have done, which can lead to the client being found not guilty.

These stores are known to put a lot of pressure on the Commonwealth but not really be all that prepared. Therefore, Virginia lawyers want to also combat the Commonwealth with a greater of preparedness with the same level of tenacity.

Having an Attorney

Whenever an individual is dealing with these chain stores, they do not want to go through this process by themselves. One of the biggest mistakes people make when dealing with a petty larceny charge, a concealment charge, or shoplifting charge is saying,

These stores have entire departments devoted to catching shoplifters and punishing shoplifters. It is a common misconception that an individual is going to be let off with a slap on the wrist or have the case dismissed only because it is their first offense.

A lawyer getting involved early can help an individual understand that fact but also be their sword and shield when involving themselves in a situation that involves one of these large stores and chains as opposed to a smaller level theft.

Attorney’s Role

After the arraignment, an attorney is going to do multiple things. The attorney can be a mouthpiece in getting the case either resolved that day in certain situations or, at the least, getting it set up for some form of negotiation or trial that can lead to a dismissal.

If an individual is held in jail, the attorney can petition the court to have the person released at the arraignment date by speaking with them beforehand, filing motions to the court, and having an argument prepared on the day that they appear on video or in person from the jail in order to have themselves released from custody as they await the ultimate trial date.

The attorney can be an intelligent advocate in a shoplifting case in Richmond, and take care of that date to an individual’s satisfaction.