Richmond Armed Robbery Penalties

Armed robberies are prosecuted very strictly in Richmond. The penalties can be very severe, resulting in possible long-term sentencing, as well as consequences that affect many areas of life. Someone that is facing penalties for an armed robbery offense should consider hiring an experienced armed robbery lawyer as soon as possible. If they are not defended well, it is not rare that they receive the maximum sentencing.

What Must a Prosecutor Prove?

In Richmond, whenever someone is dealing with a use of a firearm, first, a prosecutor must prove that an individual was committing one of the felony offenses that are enumerated in the statute, and robbery is one of them.

Secondly, they must prove that an individual was either using an actual firearm or something that could be perceived as a firearm and that the perception of the firearm was a reasonable one by the victim.

If an individual uses their finger as a gun and makes a threat of shooting while it is in plain sight, they can still be charged with armed robbery, but the chances of being convicted are very slim. However, if they put that finger behind a shirt and make the same threat, if it is perceived as a firearm their chances of conviction are much higher. An individual can be charged and ultimately convicted of use of a firearm because they said they were going to shoot somebody and they led them to believe that they had the means to do so.


In all ways, an armed robbery in Richmond is a felony offense. Even if the weapon was a BB gun they will still be charged with a felony, since the use of a firearm is always a felony offense that always carries three, four, or five years.

When sentencing those who are willing to hurt people for property, both judges and juries are looking to put an individual away for as long as they can.

The use of a firearm carries mandatory time. Even if one has a sympathetic story, the Code wipes away a lot of leeway that, normally, judges and juries have, to the point where the only decision they have to make is if an individual is guilty or innocent because, as far as sentencing is concerned, they are getting the sentence that the Virginia Code says they are going to get.

Contacting an Attorney

If someone is facing penalties for an armed robbery in Richmond it is imperative that they consult with an adept armed robbery lawyer as soon as possible. The ramifications of a felony offense can have devastating effects on someone’s life. Having a Richmond robbery lawyer with a great amount of experience and knowledge is immensely beneficial, and necessary for increasing one’s chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

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