Richmond Burglary Lawyer

When a person breaks and enters into a dwelling place with the intent to commit some form of crime while inside of that property, they can be charged with burglary. Depending on the crime, there are other charges that can be attached to burglary itself. Since burglary has many moving parts, it is important a person hires a knowledgeable theft lawyer who understands every element of the person’s case. They need to understand what the Commonwealth must prove to show every element of the case.

If you are facing burglary charges, you will need to attain a lawyer who can defend you, fight the evidence, or provide evidence to show the Commonwealth has not proved an element of your particular case. An experienced Richmond burglary lawyer can help you through this process as burglary charges are treated very seriously. While they are not considered violent crimes, they are a Category 2 offense.

Burglary Charges

Burglary is a crime which instills fear into the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, fear that someone is going to go into their home when they are not there, fear that someone can essentially shatter the innocent bubble of security that most people have or they believe they have when they enter into their home, whether in the daytime or in the nighttime. And so, for that reason, the City of Richmond treats burglaries very seriously. They prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law and, depending on the facts of the situation, most of the time, the prosecution will seek jail time.

What is the Difference Between Burglary and Trespassing?

The main difference in burglary and trespassing is the intent. Hypothetically speaking, a person could be intoxicated and break and enter into a home with the intent to go to sleep. It could be the person believes it to be their home, or doesn’t care if it is their home because they just want to lay down. If someone breaks into someone else’s home with no intentions to commit a crime, it is trespassing, however, if they have an intent to commit a crime, they will be charged with burglary. It could become a crime if there is any property damage. For example, if the person breaks a window or breaks the door trying to enter the property.

Damages to Property

If an attempted burglary causes damage to a person’s property, then that will subsequently lead to more charges. Rarely is a person charged with just simply a breaking and entering or a burglary; more typical is burglary, property damage or burglary, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony (if an individual has firearms), or burglary and then a grand larceny, burglary, petty larceny, et cetera.

Often there is burglary, including property damage or attempted burglary, property damage. If individual breaks into someone’s property, then they are going to be charged ultimately with more offenses. Depending on how much the damage was to the property, it could become a felony charge.

Contacting a Richmond Burglary Attorney

When someone is facing burglary charges, they will need legal representation. These charges are taken very seriously in Richmond and can have long-term consequences. It is essential that someone speaks with an experienced Richmond burglary lawyer who understands the local laws. The person is breaking the security most people feel when they have a home. When someone takes away that sense of security, there is a fear in the community. That is the main reason why burglary charges are taken seriously.

If you are facing breaking and entering charges in Richmond, you will need to attain a local Richmond burglary lawyer. There are many benefits to having an attorney review the facts and evidence of the case. They can determine a strong defense strategy and represent you in the court of law.

Richmond Burglary Lawyer