Richmond Campus Alcohol-Related Offense Lawyer

College is a fun and exciting time for young people to learn, grow, and hopefully learn things that would lead them into an exciting career. With all this excitement, however, it is quick for students to feel pressured into engaging in activities, such as drinking, that are against the university’s rules, and potentially the state’s laws as well. If a student is facing penalties from both the school and the state, it is vital that legal assistance is retained.

Speak with a Richmond campus alcohol-related offense lawyer if your child is at risk of facing severe sanctions from their school or prosecution. Contacting a student defense attorney early on could increase the chances of rendering a positive result.

Consequences of Alcohol-Related Charges

When a student is charged with a criminal offense, they could face both scholastic and criminal consequences. The student could be subject to student hearings where the student may be at risk of expulsion depending on the circumstances of the situation. In addition, a student could also face criminal penalties, such as an expensive fine, which could also be brought up in a student’s university hearing as evidence against the student in trouble. However, each university differs in their policies and rules, so just because a university considers a certain situation as punishable, others may be more lenient in that regard.

In terms of which situation a student would rather find themselves in, both scholastic and criminal penalties could have significant harmful consequences. For example, a criminal conviction would stay on a person’s record, making it difficult to obtain a job after graduation. However, a scholastic penalty could be equally as detrimental if the university decides to expel the student in question. When a student is expelled, they would find it difficult to be accepted by another university, placing their ability to finish their college education in jeopardy.

Common Alcohol-Related Offenses

There are three typical college offenses involving alcohol. The most common offense involves public displays of drunkenness, underage of drinking and possession of alcohol, and driving while under the influence. Students and their familiars should make sure to review a school’s code of conduct to have an idea of what the school’s drinking policies are. Just because a student is over 21 does not mean they are automatically allowed to drink or possess alcohol. In some cases, the student may only be facing scholastic sanctions and no criminal charges.

Get in Touch with a Richmond Campus Alcohol-Related Offense Attorney

If you or your child has been accused of committing an alcohol-related offense, it may be in your best interest to get in touch with an experienced attorney today. A Richmond campus alcohol-related offense lawyer could take charge of your case and advocate on your behalf during any criminal trials or university trials. However, the best way to take advantage of an attorney’s help is by getting in touch with them early on. Doing so could potentially increase the likelihood of resolving your situation in a favorable manner.