Impact of Sex Offender Registration in Richmond 

If you have questions regarding the impact of sex offender registration in Richmond, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional defense attorney for assistance. A criminal lawyer could provide you with information regarding crimes that merit sex offender registry, how long an individual has to remain on the register, and what effects could have on their future. Read on to learn more about the full impact of sex offender registration in Richmond, as well as the ways a skilled attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Crimes that Require Registering

The circumstances that require registering as a sex offender in Richmond will depend on the nature of a crime someone is convicted of. Crimes involving murder, rape, and sodomization lead to auto-registration, where an individual must automatically register as an offender after a conviction. Other crimes that are not considered to be as serious may not require this at first. For example, a three-strike rule exists for sexual battery cases where an individual does not have to register until they have been convicted of a third offense, at which point a defendant becomes part of the non-violent Virginia State Police sex offender registry.

Potential Impact of Sex Offender Registration in Richmond

Being on the sex offender registry is extremely difficult, especially once the individual is released from any prison time and comes back t0 the community. The individual now has a new obligation that is part of their life, and if they make any mistakes regarding re-registering on time, they will be arrested and put back in jail. In addition, because sex offender information is public it can be viewed online by anyone at anytime. The stigma associated with that type of crime can be damaging regarding someone’s attempt to find future employment and housing.

Future Employment

As long as someone is on the sex offender registry, they cannot live or work within a certain proximity of school zones. This is a significant impact of sex offender registration in Richmond, as it can successfully uproot someone’s current employment and residential situation. While an individual does not have to tell their employer that they are on the sex offender registry unless asked, they will have to inform the police whenever they have a new job. The Virginia State Police are then required to visit their place of work in order to make sure that they actually work there. Because of this fact, it is advantageous to be forthcoming from the beginning so that their status will not be a problem if the company knows in advance.

Removal Process

While individuals convicted of violent sexual offenses must remain on the registry for the rest of their lives, it is still possible for those convicted of non-violent sexual crimes to be removed from the registry. In order to be removed from the Richmond sex offender registry, an individual must first complete all of their treatment, classes, and counseling as ordered by the court upon their conviction. They must then pay all of their court costs and fines. Depending on their sentence, a judge will determine the amount of time that they are required to stay on the registry. After this time period has passed, an opportunity to be removed will arise. However, know that this timeframe can range from anywhere as long as 25 years depending on one’s crime. For this reason, the impact of sex offender registration in Richmond should not be taken lightly.

In order to fight against the potential impact of sex offender registration in Richmond, consider reaching out to a dedicated defense attorney today who can advocate for your rights in court.

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