Transporting Firearms in Richmond

A person in Richmond could have a reason to transport a firearm for purposes of hunting, going to a gun show, and/or simply because they have a concealed carry permit that allows them to always transport a firearm on the person. Virginia is considered an open carry state, so it is legal to carry most firearms, as long as they’re properly held. However, with that said there are specific laws that determine how a gun must be transported and who can legally transport a firearm. If you have been charged with violating these laws you may be facing serious penalties and should consult with a Richmond gun lawyer as soon as possible to begin building a defense.

Steps to Legally Transport a Gun

In order to legally transport a firearm, the individual, needs to make sure that the device is in a compartment. The device should either be in a glove box or a secured compartment whether it’s in the center console of a car or a lock box. If the person has a concealed carry permit, then they can transport it in their vehicle without any issues. If you do not have this permit, however, your firearm must be in open sight or in a secured compartment.

What Should a Person Do If They Do Not Have a Separate Compartment From the Driver’s Compartment?

If they do not have a separate compartment from the driver’s compartment, an attorney will usually recommend that they have either a secured lock box or keep the firearm itself unloaded and open to viewing so that an officer can immediately view it upon looking into a vehicle.

When Transporting a Gun is Illegal

Possession of a firearm is considered to be unlawful if it is in a concealed area and the individual does not have a concealed permit. However, an individual is not allowed to transport a firearm, if they are a convicted felon or if they have a pending protective order, or they are not legally documented in the state of Virginia as a US citizen.

Who is Not Allowed to Transport a Firearm?

In Richmond, you’re not allowed to transport a firearm if you are a convicted felon, if there is a pending protective order against you or an ongoing protective order matter, if you’ve been previously found guilty by reason of insanity in a case, and/or again if you are an undocumented resident in Virginia.

Penalties For Unlawful Transportation of a Gun

If you’re convicted of unlawful transportation of a firearm, the penalties can vary quite a bit. On the low end, they can range anywhere from a Class 3 misdemeanor which simply carries a fine up to a Class 1 misdemeanor which carries up to one year in jail. They can also vary up to Class 4 felony, depending on the charge, and if someone were to be a convicted felon. In this case, transporting a firearm carries a minimum mandatory jail sentence of anywhere from two to three years.