Penalties for Richmond Underage DUI Charges

An underage DUI can have a very significant impact on an individual’s future in a number of ways. It will have the immediate effect of a license suspension, but it can also result in a conviction on a person’s criminal record that could have an impact on admission into a particular college, the ability to obtain some student loans or grants, and their ability to maintain employment. In addition, there’s a long term insurance cost that comes with any sort of DUI conviction. To try mitigating the potential penalties a person would be facing following an underage DUI charge in Richmond, they should speak with an experienced local attorney right away.

Impact on Driver’s License

If an individual is under the age of 21 and is convicted of DUI, their license suspension will be for at least one year. They can get restricted driving privileges with the help of an experienced Richmond underage DUI lawyer. There’s also a mandatory minimum fine of $500 and/or a completion of 50 hours of community service. There’s also probation and the requirement to complete an alcohol program and/or a VASAP type program. There’s also the possibility of a jail sentence if it is an aggravated case.

An individual interested in obtaining a restricted license after having their license suspended will have to petition the court. From there it is up to a judge whether to grant the license. You can typically obtain restricted license privileges for your driving to and from work, and to and from school, or things of that nature.

Alternatives Sentences in Richmond

Jail is actually not common in most underage DUI cases, unless it is an aggravated case or the defendant has a prior record of such issues. In most cases, rather than jail the courts will typically find an alternative whether that be in community service, whether that be an extremely high fine or a long-term probation. To qualify for any sort of alternative sentencing on an underage DUI, the matter would have to be in the Juvenile Court, and the individual would have to complete an alcohol program or significant community service.

Impact of Richmond DUI Charges on University Status

With most universities, an underage DUI can actually have a very significant impact on a person’s university status. Most universities, as part of the admissions process, will require you to disclose information about any criminal convictions you have received. A conviction for underage DUI therefore can result in you not being admitted to a school. With the administration process and the university process now, most students are required to disclose this information. It’s better to disclose whatever you have, because in most cases, the universities will find out about these charges.

Most universities will typically put an individual on some sort of probation status with the school if they are charged with an underage DUI in Richmond. They can also, based on their conduct policy, theoretically expel a student from school or even suspend them. When a university imposes any sort of administrative punishment or suspension they will typically have a hearing before a Dean, Student Council, or hearing officer. At this time a student would be able to provide a defense or mitigating evidence of what steps they’ve taken to address any issues.

What Parents Should Expect About Underage DUI Charges

The one thing that parents need to understand are the potential long-term impacts. Not only can it result in a possible jail sentence, in a long-term license suspension. It can also have an impact on an individual’s future regarding criminal record, regarding their admission into higher education or being able to obtain a student loan. It can also have an effect on the college they are going to based on the admission process.

Mitigating the penalties and negative impact is one of the most important things someone should do. People should contact a Richmond underage DUI lawyer as soon as they can to discuss how to best mitigate the negative consequences of their case and move on.

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