What To Expect From a DUI Stop in Richmond

Below a Richmond DUI lawyer discusses DUI stops in Richmond and how they differ from other places in Virginia. To learn more about driving under the influence charges or to discuss a specific case call today to set up a free consultation.

Are DUI Roadblocks Common in Richmond?

Not so much, compared to the other counties I think it’s mainly a function of just a lot of roadways are so busy that they really can’t afford to do a roadblock.

That being said, the officers in Richmond whether they’d be the Richmond police or VCU police, VCU being Virginia Commonwealth University, are very active in trying to catch DUIs. If you are pulled over at night, it is very common for them to ask you if you’ve been drinking. So, while roadblocks aren’t very common, the officers there are always on a lookout for DUIs.

DUI Stops in Richmond

DUI stops in Richmond are very similar to the others areas around the city. Typically what they’ll do is upon a stop if they have suspicion of DUI, they’ll question you, and they will ask you to perform  field tests at which point in time you will do a number of tests to test coordination, alertness, and comprehension.

Based on how you do on these tests an officer may ask you to take a field breath test at which point in time, they may either arrest you for DUI or let you go depending on the results. You don’t have to take the field test, you actually don’t have to take any of the field tests at all, but they can still arrest you if they think there is probable cause for DUI if you’re  driving and/or  behavior indicates the influence of alcohol.

If arrested you will be to the police station and then asked you to submit to a blood alcohol test, you do have a right to refuse that, however if you do refuse it, you will be charged with refusal and could lose your license for a year.

If your test at the station registers a .08 or higher then you will be formally charged with driving under the influence and brought before a magistrate. A magistrate will officially charge you and, depending on the blood alcohol level and your criminal record, determine if you are to receive bond or be released that night after you sober up. If the blood alcohol level is high, you will be kept overnight and then see a judge in the morning regarding a bond.

One thing I always remind my clients is if you get arrested on a Friday night, there’s a good chance you may spend the weekend in jail and they will typically hold you at the Richmond City Jail.

DUI Traffic Stops in Richmond