Richmond First DUI Lawyer

With a first time DUI defense what you really need to do is to understand the DUI laws and procedures for prosecuting a case. You need an experienced DUI lawyer in Richmond that understands the legal issues involved from probable cause to implied consent.

You also need a Richmond first DUI lawyer who is familiar with the how the BAC machine works and the procedures and requirements for operating it. DUI cases are very technical and they really come down to the procedures in how the officer conducted the stop.

First time DUI charges in Richmond are heard in the general district court, either in the John Marshal Courts building or the Manchester courts building. The prosecutors in Richmond are very strict on DUIs and they seek to impose the statutory penalties even on first offenses.  Only where your attorney can raise a strong legal issue in the defense of your case will the prosecutors consider negotiating.

Penalties for First Time DUI Charges in Richmond

First offense DUI in the city of Richmond typically can come with:

  • A fine of up to $2500
  • Jail time of up to 12 months

However, with a first time offense, it’s usually reduced down to:

If there is an elevated blood alcohol level between a 1.5 to a 2.0, there are five days minimum mandatory jail required. If there is a blood alcohol level that’s from a 2.0 up to a 2.5 then you’re looking at a minimum mandatory sentence of ten days.

The one thing that makes Richmond unique is even if you do not have an elevated blood alcohol level, the judges will require individuals to serve an afternoon in jail even on every standard first offense. An experienced local Richmond first DUI lawyer can provide you with further insight on what you can expect.

The prosecutors in Richmond, Virginia do not offer diversionary or probationary programs for DUIs.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Richmond First Time DUI

The biggest mistake for a first time DUI defendant is when they try to handle the issue by themselves. We often see a lot of folks that just walk into court on the first time DUI offense and just think, “Oh, I’ll plead guilty and just everything will be okay”.

Most individuals do not understand the possible penalties for a DUI. A DUI, even a standard first offense, in the city of Richmond comes with some severe penalties that can have long-term detrimental effects not only in your ability to drive, but also on your permanent criminal record.

A Richmond First DUI Lawyer Can Help

Schedule a free consultation with a Richmond first DUI lawyer to learn more about the charges you are facing, your options, and how you can begin preparing your defense. It is important to have an experienced advocate by your side when you are facing serious criminal charges.