Richmond Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Investigation

Richmond drug possession with intent to distribute investigations often begin with somebody telling the police that they have seen the person selling on the corner. They will determine if they believe the person is engaging in selling street-level narcotics. When law enforcement has an arrest warrant, it often details all of the items the accused is alleged to have on them, which can lead to other charges.

Someone can be charged with possession and intent to distribute as separate offenses. It is imperative to speak with an experienced drug possession lawyer regarding the process of building a strong defense. An attorney can help you prepare a strong argument and advise you on the importance of how to behave in court.

Investigation Process

Within Richmond drug possession with intent to distribute investigations, law enforcement will look for certain activity, things that are also referred to as furtive movements. The main thing is the person is either standing in a certain spot for a large amount of time at a corner for long periods of time without going or doing anything, so essentially loitering. If someone is loitering in a certain area in the middle of a day, they may look as if they are doing something suspicious because most people have places to be and things to do during the day.

Role of Surveillance and Witnesses

If a person just stands on a corner and does not anything then they are going to be a suspicious individual. They combine that with a form of incrimination against the accused individual because they will send folks out to the person to see if they can purchase things from their subject. Law enforcement relies heavily on what they call confidential informants, CIs, or what people who are telling the police what the person may or may not be doing and they will look to see what interactions the person does have with people.

If all the person’s interactions are short and sweet, what they feel are hand-to-hand transactions, they will watch the person for a certain amount of time. Once they feel they built up probable cause to search the subject of their investigation, law enforcement can get both a search warrant and an arrest warrant. A skilled attorney with experience in Richmond drug possession with intent to distribute investigations can help individuals collect relevant evidence and witnesses to protect a potential client’s rights and reputation.

Proving Offenses

The arresting officer or detective may determine what charge to give the individual in possession by assessing the facts of the case from previous training and experience. The case will then go to the magistrate who will decide from the evidence if there is probable cause to pursue the case. The Commonwealth attorney will also decide, based on the evidence, whether the charge should be simple possession or possession with intent.

Law enforcement includes the following when proving Richmond drug possession with intent to distribute:

  • Whether the drug is legal
  • If the individual possessed the drug knowingly
  • If there was an intent to sell or distribute the drug

After the charge is made, the judge or jury will hear the case and determine the individual’s purpose for possession. They are the ultimate deciders of the individual’s case. After hearing their case, they will decide if the person being charged should be convicted of possession with intent to distribute.

Benefit of a Lawyer

Intent to distribute charges can be separate from drug possession charges but there is a possibility that one charge may aggravate the other. A skilled attorney has the experience with Richmond drug possession with intent to distribute investigations to help you mitigate the charges against you. They can try negotiating a deal on your behalf, in order to protect your reputation. A lawyer knows the importance of combatting evidence from the prosecution and how to present a strong defense that protects your rights.