Defense Strategies in Richmond Criminal Cases

If you have been charged with committing a criminal offense in Richmond, Virginia here are possible defense strategies a Richmond criminal lawyer can use in your case. For more specific details schedule a free consultation today.

Are There Any Constitutional Issues That May Come Up in Richmond Criminal Cases?

The most common constitutional issue that comes up in these criminal cases are Fourth amendment arguments related to search and seizure.  In cases where the Officer’s obtain evidence from the search of a vehicle or house for example we can challenge the search itself and evidence obtain as a result of these searches.

How Do You Build Strong Defense Strategies As a Richmond Criminal Lawyer?

Number one is getting a firm grasp of the facts of the case from your client. Then you want to a full picture of what the prosecutor’s state will include from witness testimony to physical and scientific evidence.

You then want to examine the law and determine what the state has to prove, what are the elements of law must they show, and what case law if any supports your client.

And then lastly, are their witnesses, whether they’d be expert or eye witness, that can help support your case?

What Are Some Common Defense Strategies in Richmond Criminal Cases?

Defense strategies will always depend on the facts of the case. It could be  a constitutional argument regarding a search or a seizure. Was there a probable cause for a search? Was there consent for a search?  The arguments there would relate to you know, how the officers obtained the evidence for a case, whether drugs or a DUI or something in that nature.

Next we would want to examine the witness testimony.  Can we show raise issues with witness or victim testimony.  Are they telling the truth? Did they really see what they say they saw and to that nature.

Can Lack of Intent Be a Defense?

It can in certain cases, you know. In cases of assault, theft, homicide, one of the key components of the state’s case is showing that you intended to commit the crime or cause harm.  Without being able to show intent beyond a reasonable doubt they cannot get a conviction.  Our job in these cases is to challenge the state’s claims of intent.  We want to cast doubt on these claims.  In most cases, showing intent is the hardest part of the state’s case.

What Are The Top Three Things Everyone Should Know About Facing Criminal Charges in Richmond?

Well, the top three things that everyone should know are:

Number one: specifically what the charge is. What are they being charged for? And a lot of these charges, when they’re spelled out, are a little more intricate than people imagine.

Number two: the penalties that they’re facing. Is it jail time? Is it license suspension? Is it a high fine?

Number three: What options are available? Is there a first offender program? Is there a drug deferment program? What type of plea options and defenses are available?

These are the basic facts of your case that can help you understand what you are facing and prepare for your case. One major benefit of speaking to an experienced attorney in Richmond is that they can help you understand these aspects of your case so you can make an educated decision on how you want to proceed.