Petersburg Robbery Lawyer

Many view robbery as a violent crime, since it may involve a theft of property through some use of force or the threat of the use of force.

A robbery conviction could potentially result not only in lengthy mandatory terms of incarceration and high fines, but also may have collateral consequences which may include a permanent felony record, an adverse impact on employment prospects, and even an inability to live in certain places.

If your freedom and your civil rights are at risk, you could get the advice of a Petersburg robbery lawyer. An experienced attorney may be able to explain your legal options before you take any other step forward in your case.

Working with an Attorney

Working with a robbery lawyer in Petersburg could be potentially beneficial in a number of different ways. Experienced criminal defense lawyers may be able to assist in explaining the elements required to prove a robbery charge, discussing how certain facts may relate to a criminal charge, exploring all available options for resolution, building a strong defense, and negotiating plea agreements.

Elements of Robbery

To prove that individuals have committed a robbery, the prosecution typically needs to prove the existence of the following elements:

  • Intention to steal the property
  • Taking property from owners or rightful possessors against their will and without authority or permission
  • Using force or intimidation, or the threat of force, to take the property

Due to the potential element of force involved in a robbery, which could make it a crime against the person, the penalties a person may face are far more severe than for larceny or even burglary, which are merely crimes against property.

Penalties for a Conviction in Virginia

The penalties resulting from a robbery conviction in Petersburg, which typically includes the length of the prison sentence, might depend upon the circumstances surrounding the robbery, the individuals’ prior criminal histories, and the nature of the crime.

If individuals commit robbery by suffocation, strangulation, striking, beating, assaulting, using another type of violence, putting the claimant in fear of serious bodily harm, or by threatening or presenting firearms or another deadly weapon, then it could be considered a felony.

A conviction for this type of robbery may result in a minimum prison sentence of five years, and as much as a life sentence according to Virginia Code § 18.2-58.


Pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-58.1, carjacking is a form of robbery may occur when individuals intentionally take a motor vehicle with the intent to deprive the owner or person in control of the vehicle.

In order to qualify as carjacking, the individuals must take the vehicle by using some type of violence, putting the person in fear of serious bodily harm, or by the threatening or presenting firearms or another deadly weapon.

Carjacking is a felony under Virginia law, which could result in a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 15 years, ranging up to a life sentence. Given the severity of the potential penalties for a carjacking conviction, consulting a Petersburg lawyer for legal advice could be highly beneficial in a robbery case.

Defining an Attempted Robbery

In an attempted robbery or carjacking, individuals may have fully intended to carry out the criminal offense, but, for one reason or another, were unsuccessful. Attempted robbery and carjacking are both felony criminal offenses under Virginia law that may result in a prison sentence ranging from two to ten years.

Speak with a Petersburg Robbery Lawyer

A conviction for robbery or any felony offense that is considered to be a violent crime may be devastating, both in terms of your future job prospects and your personal relationships. If you contact a Petersburg robbery attorney, you may be able to learn more about the charges against you and determine the most effective strategies for defending yourself.