Reckless Driving Charges in Henrico County

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Henrico County has strict enforcement of traffic and reckless driving throughout the county. Henrico County has several major highways where officers strictly enforce speed limits, driving actions, and actively look for violators of the reckless driving statutes.

Reckless driving charges in Henrico County typically occur on interstate 95, 64 or 295.  These charges are also common on heavily trafficked roadways like Broad Street – Route 250.

Henrico County is very tough on reckless driving charges. In addition, unlike some jurisdictions if the speed is above 90 on a reckless driving charge it is quite common for the judges to impose a jail sentence and license suspension. While the Court will consider mitigating factors Henrico County can be particularly tough on reckless driving.

Reckless Driving Enforcement

Reckless driving is a point of emphasis for officers in Henrico. With the growth of the county and the growth of the roadways in the area, they are very strict because of the rate of accidents they’ve had, the severity of the accidents, injuries, and in some cases fatalities. The officers are very cognizant of the risk reckless driving poses and are always watching for high speeds and erratic behavior like cutting in and out of lanes.

How Do Courts Treat Reckless Driving in Henrico County?

The judges in Henrico County are very strict in their enforcement. They can and do impose significant punishments in sentencing on aggravated conservative in their enforcement of statutes.

However, the prosecutors will typically work with attorneys, and if there is a solid defense or mitigating factors like a good record or calibration they will consider reductions.

Reckless Driving Traffic Stops

Typically what will happen is if they’re charged with reckless driving by the officer, they’ll receive a summons to appear in court and that is all. If it’s an aggravated case, if it’s a very high speed, if it’s a severe accident case possibly involving alcohol, they’re maybe arrested on the scene at which time they would be taken to Henrico jail and process for arraignment typically the following business day.

If an individual is charged with reckless driving in Henrico County, their case will be heard in the Henrico general district court, which is off Parham Road in Henrico County. There are four courtrooms that hear traffic matters at any one time and there are four separate judges.

In fact, driver’s license proceedings are also heard in the general district court. There are four courtrooms that hear traffic and license matters.

A lot will depend on the actual charge itself, but for the most part people facing reckless driving charges in Henrico County should be prepared for the possibility of a very high fine, possible license suspension and jail if aggravated. The reckless driving statute allows wide discretion for the Judges to impose punishment.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Henrico Reckless Driving Cases?

Clients just to work with me because of my experience in the area and familiarity with the court.  I’m familiar with the court, the prosecutors, and officers. In addition, I’ve been handling reckless driving cases for over thirteen years, so I have, an in-depth knowledge of the law, the defenses that can be raised, and experience handling cases from the most mundane reckless to the more cases.

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