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Drinking and driving is an offense that is heavily prosecuted in Hanover and the rest of Virginia. However, first-time offenders may have a different experience compared to second or third-time offenders. For example, instead of facing incarceration, first-time individuals may be able to minimize the severity of their offense where the penalties they would incur following a conviction is a heavy fine and a suspension of license. However, to have this option available to you, it may be best to get in touch with a skilled DUI attorney.

Call a Hanover first-time DUI offense lawyer today if you have been accused of drinking and driving for the first time in your life. Doing so could be a tremendous advantage in your ability to build a solid defense.

How Do Prosecutors Handle First-Time DUI Charges?

The way a DUI is handled by the prosecution depends on the circumstances of the offense. If the individual in question was pulled over for a traffic stop and was then charged with drinking and driving, they would be charged with a standard DUI. In this situation, if the person does not have any prior DUI offenses on their record, they may be able to avoid incarceration. However, if their case involves aggravating factors, such as whether they caused an accident or were driving erratically, the prosecution may pursue penalties involving jail time.

How Does the Court Respond to First-Time DUI Charges?

If the court decides to sentence someone to jail for a standard DUI, the sentence is likely to be for a small amount of time. However, if there are some aggravating factors, the courts will not hold back in delivering a harsh conviction. The reason being is that drinking and driving is a reckless behavior that could lead to catastrophic injuries should an accident occur. In order to protect all drivers on the road, Virginia would do its best to deter drivers from drinking and driving by issuing harsh sentences against serious offenders.

Potential Penalties for a First-Time DUI in Hanover

If a person is convicted for a first-time DUI, they should expect to be sentenced to jail for 12 months, be required to pay a fine of up to $2,500, and be required to undergo a substance abuse program. In addition, their driving privileges may be temporarily suspended, causing the convicted person to try to obtain a temporary license. If the individual had an elevated BAC between 0.15 and 0.20, 12 months in jail is the highest jail sentence they could get. However, a convicted person must spend at least five days in jail.

Call a Hanover First-Time DUI Offense Attorney Today

To begin discussing the details of your case, get in touch with a Hanover first-time DUI offense lawyer. An attorney could review the facts of your case and help you develop a defense that would prove to be most effective in your situation. An attorney could also act as a representative on your behalf during any negotiations with the prosecution and the judge. To learn more about how an attorney could benefit your case, schedule a consultation today.

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