Fredericksburg Drug Possession Defense Strategy

Getting caught in possession of a drug can lead to very serious charges. Making sure you have the right drug possession defense is important to winning your case. A drug possession charge can be devastating not only for the victim but also the victims family and peers. A Fredericksburg drug possession attorney can support you and your family throughout the whole case. Charges can be extremely serious and lead to a large amount of jail time. However, an experienced defense attorney may be able to help.

Building A Drug Possession Defense

There are five main steps and factors that play a role when crafting your drug possession defense in Fredericksburg:

The first major factor is identifying how an individual was stopped or caught with the drug. How law enforcement caught the individual with the drug is extremely important to the case. This can affect the outcome of your case greatly due to the fact that if a law enforcement officer found the drugs on a person in an unconstitutional way.

The next factor to look at is how the search occurred and how law enforcement got their hands on the drugs. This leads back to whether or not the act of a search was constitutional or unconstitutional. If the search was unconstitutional, that will affect the results of your case.

The next step to take is challenging the possession. Determining whether or not you have an actual possession case can be confusing. Where the law enforcement found the drug plays a role in this. If the drugs were found not on the person, you can make a case that the drugs are not yours. Additionally, that can lead to a constructive possession case, which is when a person does not have the drugs on their body, but at home or in their motor vehicle.

A crucial factor in defending a drug possession case in Fredericksburg is how much of the drug you are in possession of. If you are caught with a certain amount of a drug, that will affect what you are charged with.

The most important factor is the what kind of drug was in possession. The drug needs to get tested, and having it either as a field test or sent to a lab plays a significant role in a drug possession case as well. Making sure law enforcement follows the proper procedures and protocols when testing the drug is important to note. Secondly, a major factor with the result of your case is whether or not it is a Schedule I or Schedule II substance. If charged, the outcome of your case will change greatly depending on the Schedule of the drug.

The Advantage of Having An Experienced Drug Possession Lawyer

Whenever a person is dealing with a drug case, it is imperative to contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to help protect yourself. From the moment that a person contacts a lawyer, he or she is going to be at an advantage compared to someone who has not.

A lawyer can be present when the person sees the magistrate, if the person is not given a bond by the magistrate, he or she has an attorney who can be present at the client’s arraignment who can help go get his or her bond and can represent the client at a bond hearing for him or her to be released as well.  Additionally, the defendant has somebody there who is going to be present to hear what the police are saying here, or the magistrate is saying here in order to begin thoroughly building the strongest offense for the client, rather than having the ability only to react retroactively on the backend of his or her case.

Contact An Attorney Today

Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys will fight for you. Analyzing and building your case is something that no one should do alone. If charged with drug possession, you should immediately contact a Fredericksburg drug possession lawyer.

Fredericksburg Drug Possession Lawyer