Consequences of Criminal Charges and Convictions in Richmond

If you have been accused or charged with a crime in Richmond, Virginia here’s what you should know about potential consequences. For more information or your case contact a Richmond criminal defense lawyer today and schedule a free consultation.

Can a Criminal Charge or Conviction Affect Ones Immigration Status?

It most definitely might, depending on if there is an active jail sentence or even a suspended jail sentence, it could result to a revocation of immigration status and even lead to deportation.  A conviction on certain charges can result in an immediate deportation or make you ineligible to renew your current status.

What About Ones Security Clearance?

Most definitely. Whether it would be federal government or working for the military, a security clearance is the key to an individual’s employment.  A criminal conviction can result in revocation or denial of a security clearance and ultimately dismissal from your job. A criminal conviction can result in the denial of promotion or advancement at your current job.

What Do You Tell Clients Worried About Their Security Clearance?

Well, number one, we try and tell them exactly what they are, and the implications it could have on their security clearance. We then want to discuss the options to avoid the conviction or alternative outcomes that could lessen the impact on your job.  We want to provide options to our clients.

I have handled multitude of cases involving individuals with security clearance.  The Richmond area is adjacent to several federal and military facilities and agencies.  We also see lots of cases involving people from the DC and Virginia Beach area whose main employers are the Federal Government.

How Are Representing These Clients Different From Other Cases?

In these cases our clients have different priorities and are willing to accept alternative outcomes. In other words, they may be willing to accept higher fines, license suspensions, or community service to avoid a conviction.   It also provides an additional negotiation tactic with prosecutors in trying to resolve a case.  In these cases we will advise the Court and Prosecutors of the implications of a conviction toward their employment and future, in hopes of using it as a mitigating factor in reducing or amending a charge.

What To Do If You’re From Out of State and Charged with a Crime in Richmond?

If you are from out of state, or from another part of Virginia, and you’re charged with a crime in Richmond, you should immediately contact a Richmond attorney. You’re going to want to speak with an attorney who is familiar with the area, the local judges, and prosecutors.  Having a local attorney who understands the procedures and practices of the City of Richmond is invaluable in guiding you through the Criminal process and ideally getting a positive outcome in your case.

The ways criminal matters are resolved in Richmond can differ greatly from those in, for example, Roanoke, Northern Virginia, or Virginia Beach.