Rights of Individuals with Expunged Records in Colonial Heights

In the state of Virginia, a charge does not necessarily mean that you have been convicted of anything. Although a conviction may not warrant an expungement, simply being charged could be taken off of your record. A common misconception is that if you have had a charge expunged, your rights have been affected.

The rights of individuals with expunged records in Colonial Heights are the same as those who have not been charged. Contact a skilled expungement attorney as soon as possible if you have any questions regarding your rights.

Opportunities for an Expungement

There are several instances in which a case may be expunged. Some of these instances could be:

  • Eligibility for expungement due to certain circumstances
  • Wrongfully charged or convicted and determined to be innocent
  • Conviction was overturned

If someone feels that they were wrongfully convicted but were not proven innocent, they are still considered guilty and that case may not be expunged.

Rights That May be Forfeited Due to a Criminal Conviction

In Colonial Heights, the rights of individuals with expunged records may all depend on whether there was a conviction in their case or simply a charge. If there was a conviction, the following rights may be reduced or taken away:

  • Driving Privileges
  • Ability to carry a firearm
  • Military service
  • Financial aid

A talented defense lawyer may be able to help avoid these issues by getting charges expunged off of a record that may no longer need to be there.

Driving Privileges Following a Conviction

Whether or not driving privileges may be taken away after a conviction, depending on the offense itself. Privileges may only be taken away in the case that the offense in questions involved operating a vehicle.

If the conviction is for driving under the influence, a class 1 misdemeanor, the defendant could lose the right to operate any motor vehicle, including their commercial driver’s license (CDL). A felony conviction may also warrant the loss of someone’s CDL.

Ability to Carry a Firearm

If someone is in possession of a firearm and is convicted, they may be able to possess a firearm if the offense was not a felony. If someone is convicted of stalking or domestic assault offense, they may be under protective orders that state they are not allowed to possess firearms.

Military Service and Criminal Records

For the military, it may be common that if someone is convicted of a misdemeanor class 1 through 4, or a traffic infraction, that may not be kept from serving in the military.

Financial Aid and School Records

School records could be sealed if they are the property of a private institution in two ways. One is if a judge orders those records sealed, while the other is if the school itself wanted to seal the records. A criminal charge may not affect a student’s access to financial aid. If the offense is school-related, there may be some ramifications for receiving financial aid. Certain charges such as sexual offenses or drug offenses may affect a student receiving financial aid.

If the offense occurred while in college, it may have a severe impact on their status at a school as well as their financial aid. If an offense occurred before an individual began college, it may not affect their financial aid. Charges that were not convicted may also be eligible for expungement.

How a Colonial Heights Expungement Attorney Could Help

The rights of individuals with expunged records in Colonial Heights are just as important and valid as anyone else’s. By contacting a driven expungement attorney, you could have someone who listens to your case and helps to get what you deserve. Contact a Colonial Heights criminal lawyer today that could help begin your process.

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