Colonial Heights Assault with a Deadly Weapon Lawyer

Assault with a deadly weapon is not necessarily a codified, official offense in Virginia. Instead, the use of a weapon can either exacerbate an assault charge and elevate the charge to something more serious. That is why there essentially is no assault with a deadly weapon, there is just assault that can involve a deadly weapon that can possibly lead to a harsher penalty or change the charge altogether. If an individual has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon it is important that they get in touch with a Colonial Heights assault with a deadly weapon lawyer. A person can contact an attorney as soon as they wish. It is smart to contact a skilled assault lawyer as soon as law enforcement gets involved. An experienced legal advocate could pursue a positive outcome for them.

Types of Deadly Weapons

Before delving into assault with a deadly weapon as an offense, it is important to describe what constitutes a deadly weapon. Anything that can be used to wound or bruise another individual can ultimately be considered a deadly weapon depending on how it is used. Firearms, knives, and brass knuckles can be considered deadly weapons. A mace can elevate an assault to a malicious wounding by cause of substance that can be considered a deadly weapon, which can get the charge bumped up to a felony.

Can Common Objects Count as Deadly Weapons?

While many common objects can become deadly weapons in the wrong hands, more traditional weapons are typically used in these types of assault cases. However, in some cases, especially during household incidents, household items are used as deadly weapons.

If a weapon is used, it will more than likely going to be a standard weapon or something that is designed to be a weapon of some kind. However, during household disputes, it is common to see things such as forks or lamps used as weapons. Cellphones have been used as weapons in domestic assault cases as well. Colonial Heights assault with a deadly weapon lawyers often see everything from keyboards, laptops, to computer cords used as weapons. In certain situations where parents are charged with domestic assault on their children, you may see something used such as a flyswatter or a belt.

Contacting a Colonial Heights Assault With a Deadly Weapon Attorney

Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious offense. The penalty for assault with a deadly weapon is very similar to that of just a simple assault. Assault is going to be a Class 1 misdemeanor. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. When faced with an assault with a deadly weapon charge, the first thing a person should do is contact a Colonial Heights assault lawyer. The second thing they should do is write down everything that they can remember that occurred on the date of the incident just so that they can have as fresh a recollection to tell their lawyer as possible. Third, since every assault case is very different, whatever their lawyer tells them to do, listen to them and follow their instructions.