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Burglary typically refers to forcibly breaking and entering a building for the purposes of committing an illegal act. The illegal act may also refer to theft or larceny in some instances. In others, act may refer to more serious offenses, such as rape or murder.

Due to the potential severity of the penalties that may stem from a burglary conviction, getting the advice of a Chesterfield County burglary lawyer is highly advisable.

All burglary offenses are felonies, which might have serious consequences. If accused, you may face criminal penalties in the form of high fines and lengthy terms of incarceration if found guilty. A conviction may also could take away your right to the vote and carry a firearm. Consulting an intelligent criminal attorney may be beneficial in order to avoid such harsh penalties for any allegations.

Burglary Offenses a Person Could be Charged With

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-89, individuals commit the common law offense of burglary if they break and enter the dwelling house of another during the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony or any type of larceny offense. Burglary is a Class 3 felony.

Virginia Code § 18.2-90 establishes the offense of entering a dwelling house or adjoining occupied structure with the intent of committing murder, rape, robbery, or arson. This offense could occur whether the individuals simply enter without breaking, break and enter, or enter and conceal themselves in the dwelling or attached structure.

This section also covers situations in which individuals might have entered without breaking, break and enter, or enter and conceal themselves in any building permanently affixed to the real estate, in any watercraft or railroad car, or in any automobile, truck, or trailer that is being used for human habitation. Like common law burglary, this burglary offense is a Class 3 felony.

Pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-91, if individuals take any of the same actions described in the previous section with the intent of committing larceny, assault and battery, or any other felony other than murder, rape, robbery, or arson, they commit the offense of statutory burglary. A burglary lawyer in Chesterfield County could help a defendant understand what charges they may be facing and how to defend against them.

Other Related Offenses

Other offenses under Virginia law that relate to burglary could include breaking and entering a dwelling house with the intent to commit a misdemeanor other than assault and battery or trespass, entering a bank with the intent to commit armed robbery, and possessing tools, implements, or outfit with the intent to commit burglary, robbery, or larceny. Breaking into railroad cars, aircraft, or trucks also might result in felony charges.

Possible Penalties for Defendants

Class 3 felonies may result in a prison sentence ranging from five to 20 years and a fine of up to $100,000 under Virginia Code § 18.2-10. All of these burglary offenses increase to a Class 2 felony if the individuals commit the act while armed with a deadly weapon. A Class 2 felony conviction could cause a sentence of incarceration ranging from 20 years to life, along with a $100,000 fine.

Statutory burglary is punishable by confinement in a state correctional facility for a period of one to 20 years. A jury or court in its discretion could order a sentence of up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Since the potential range of sentencing in burglary cases is so expansive, getting the advice of a Chesterfield County lawyer may be helpful.

Working with a Chesterfield County Burglary Attorney

Many burglary offenses may easily result in years of incarceration and extremely high fines. A conviction could also place a permanent black mark on your criminal history that will be difficult to overcome in terms of finding employment and housing. With these important interests at stake, you may wish to work with a Chesterfield County burglary lawyer to protect your rights.

There are a variety of defenses that may apply in your case when you are facing burglary or related charges. You may be unable to utilize those defenses if you are unaware of them, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer could take full advantage of them on your behalf.

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