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Bribery is widely seen as a white-collar crime, in that it typically involves purely financial transactions that do not result in violence or injury to others. The crime is a serious offense that could have long-term implications for individuals, particularly when it comes to career prospects.

You may wish to take any allegations of bribery seriously and consider contacting a Chesterfield County bribery lawyer right away. Bribery offenses implicate both the parties accused of taking bribes and the parties accused of offering bribes. Involvement on either side of a bribe could result in the same severe consequences.

If you are facing any type of bribery or related offense, you consult a seasoned fraud attorney for advice.

What Constitutes Bribery

Virginia law defines several different types of bribery and related offenses. These offenses may include bribery involving officers and candidates for office, jurors, witnesses, participants in sports or games, bank employees, public servants, and party officials. Unlike a crime such as assault, or theft, both involved parties may benefit from bribery.

The common element of all forms of bribery is the offer of financial reward or personal gain in exchange for influential treatment on a decision, recommendation, or other action by a public servant or individual in a similar position. While the exchange of favors and similar agreements is common, typically in the political arena, there are times when these transactions may become patently illegal.

Bribery of Public Servants and Party Officials

Individuals have committed bribery pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-447 if they offer, confer, or agree to confer:

  • Any pecuniary benefit as consideration for obtaining or influencing the decision, recommendation, or vote of the recipient as a public or party official
  • Any benefit as consideration for obtaining or influencing the decision, recommendation, or vote of the recipient in a judicial or administrative proceeding or to induce the recipient to violate a known legal duty as a public servant or party official

Individuals may further commit bribery if they accept or agree to accept any benefit or pecuniary benefit in these circumstances. Bribery might also exist if they solicit any benefit or pecuniary benefit in the same situation.

This type of bribery is a Class 4 felony pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-449 and requires that individuals forfeit any public offices that they hold and never hold office in the future.

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-10(d), a Class 4 felony conviction may result in a prison sentence ranging from two to ten years and a fine of up to $100,000. As the consequences of a bribery conviction might be extremely severe, contacting a bribery attorney in Chesterfield County may benefit you.

Other Offenses a Person May Face

Individuals who offer or give bribes to officers or candidates for office, or officers or candidates who accept those bribes, also may face Class 4 felony charges according to Virginia Code § 18.2-438. Class 4 felony charges also may result from individuals who offer or give bribes to court-appointed commissioners, arbitrators, or jurors with the intent to influence their decisions in matters in which they are acting, or if individuals in those positions receive bribes.

The bribery of witnesses could result in Class 6 felony charges. Offering participants in games, contests, or sports bribes, or those individuals accepting bribes, both may result in Class 5 felony charges.

Some bribery offenses are misdemeanor crimes, which carry a maximum potential jail sentence of one year or less. Officers who receive bribes to omit or delay service of process may be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor. Corrupt business influence using bribes also could result in Class 3 misdemeanor charges.

Consulting a Chesterfield County Bribery Attorney

Even the mere allegations of bribery may have significant consequences for an individual’s career and financial future for years to come. A bribery conviction may bar you from holding public office or ever working in your industry again. As the stakes are high, getting advice from a Chesterfield County bribery lawyer could be crucial.

Consider seeking legal advice and help when you need it most. Contact your local bribery attorney in Chesterfield County today and learn about the implications that a bribery conviction could have for your life.

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