Chesterfield Third-Offense DUI Lawyer

If you were charged with a third-offense DUI, you should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Unlike first and second-offenses, prosecutors often have no interested in helping rehabilitate you. A Chesterfield third-offense DUI lawyer understands that your freedom is at stake. They could analyze every piece of the prosecution’s evidence against you and exploit every advantage to win your case. Reach out to a qualified attorney today to set up and initial consultation.

How Prosecutors Handle Third-Offense DUIs

A third-offense DUI is a felony, and these charges begin in the General District Court. The prosecution has little or no sympathy for the individual being charged. At a third offense, they are viewed more as a public safety hazard and somebody who is dangerous when out and about. Judges and prosecutors may believe someone cannot control their drinking, whether by choice or by circumstance, and they are a danger and a threat. Prosecutors have moved to the punishment stage; they are no longer looking to rehabilitate or help the individual.

Penalties for a Third-Offense DUI

A third-offense DUI is a Class 6 Felony, which is going to carry up to five years in jail and a fine of $2,500. If someone has a third offense within five years, that is a $1,000 fine and up to five years in jail, with a six-month mandatory minimum. This is an indefinite revocation on the license and a seizure of the vehicle that was being operated. The person is not eligible for ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program) or an ignition interlock system because their license is gone.

A third offense within 10 years carries a $2,500 fine ($1,000 mandatory minimum) and up to five years in jail. The mandatory minimum prison sentence is 90 days as opposed to six months. The individual’s driver’s license will be revoked indefinitely, and their vehicle will be seized and forfeited to police custody. A Chesterfield third-offense DUI lawyer could attempt to mitigate the severity of the penalties someone faces.

Diversion Programs and Probation

By law, prosecutors do not offer any diversionary programs if someone is convicted of a third offense. With a third-offense DUI, the only program they can offer an individual is a program within the jail if they have an alcohol or drug abuse problem. If someone is convicted of a third-offense DUI, they are going to spend time in jail, no matter what.

Importance of Hiring a DUI Attorney

Third offense DUI charges are taken very seriously. At that point, courts do not have much patience for the individual. They are viewed as somebody who is a nuisance, who does not take the public’s safety seriously, and who is going to be dangerous and harmful. At that point, the court is more concerned if they need help with alcohol or drug abuse, and to get some help, as well as punishing the individual.

Because a third-offense DUI conviction will result in mandatory jail time, an individual facing these charges should hire a dedicated criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney could use every possible advantage to fight your charges and attempt to keep you out of jail. Call a Chesterfield third-offense DUI lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

Chesterfield Third-Offense DUI Lawyer