Charles City Robbery Lawyer

In Charles City, robbery charges are some of the most serious offenses under the law. Robbery combines the threat of violent crime with the fraudulent nature of theft. This offense is often punished heavily – even for some first-time offenders.

If you are facing robbery charges, an acquittal is never guaranteed. If you move quickly to obtain legal counsel, you could increase your odds of receiving a favorable outcome. In some cases, the right Charles City robbery lawyer could make the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

What Constitutes a Robbery Charge in Charles City?

Robbery is the use of force or fear to obtain something of value from another person. This could include spoken threats, brandishing a weapon, or actual physical violence. The amount of force used does not make any difference in the charge; any forceful taking constitutes robbery under state law.

Robbery is a crime of intent. In other words, any threat or act of violence will not result in a robbery charge. If a person unknowingly takes the property of another person after a physical assault, the robbery statute does not apply.

Robbery must occur in the presence of the victim. In other words, a person is not in fear of physical violence if they are not present when their property is taken. Likewise, the taking must be against the victim’s volition. If the alleged victim willfully gave up an item and was not operating out of fear, robbery has not occurred.

Defending Against Robbery Charges

For a Charles City robbery lawyer, winning at trial can occur through many different approaches. In some cases, it makes sense to highlight the weakness of the prosecutor’s case since they are burden to prove their argument beyond a reasonable doubt. If they fail to meet that burden, an acquittal is required. Other common defenses could include:

  • Lack of intent
  • Unlawful search or seizure
  • Consent
  • Victim not present

In some cases, multiple defenses could be available. However, an experienced defense attorney might choose one defense to highlight to avoid confusing the jury.

Work with a Charles City Robbery Attorney

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, you are entitled to a vigorous defense at trial. The right attorney could help you build the right defense for your case and advocate on your behalf at trial.

Burglary is a unique crime, and prior experience handling these cases could go a long way. Contact a Charles City robbery lawyer to start fighting back against the charges you are facing.

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