Role of a Caroline County Shoplifting Lawyer

In Caroline County, a shoplifting lawyer plays a dual role in an arraignment both in jail and out of jail. When someone is not in jail, they receive a charge by a summons to come to court at a certain time, or they receive a warrant and bond that they post. They have a return court date and their lawyer does a couple of things.

A skilled Caroline County shoplifting attorney can get information from the Commonwealth about their client’s case that an individual is normally not able to get because they do not know what questions to ask from the judge or from the Commonwealth.

Ideally, the individual’s attorney prevents the individual from having to say too much. Someone accused of shoplifting should never be in a situation where they are unsure what they should not say in front of a judge and the Commonwealth.

Case Process

Whenever a person is dealing with a shoplifting charge, their case normally begins in the general district court, which is a court of record. This is a court where a person does not have a right to a jury trial, so a local attorney knows the manner in which the Commonwealth handles cases.

A local attorney can give the person the best and most reliable information regarding shoplifting charges. They have a firm legal understanding from the state code’s perspective, what they are looking at, and what their case entails. It is the attorney’s role in a Caroline County shoplifting case to assist their client in making the best decision for their future.


At the arraignment for a Caroline County shoplifting charge, the role of an attorney can mean having their client’s case set for a trial date which they can prepare for together if they are out of jail. If the person is in jail, the role of the attorney consists of being a mouthpiece and keeping the client from having to say anything that can incriminate them.

The attorney can also use the opportunity to see if it is possible to get some kind of bond right then and there. If not, they can set a bond hearing in front of a Caroline County judge and swear that the person can return to court with their attorney. This means that the individual facing shoplifting charges does not have to remain in jail waiting to find an attorney or waiting for their court-appointed attorney to come and have the matter dealt with.

Importance of Legal Representation

For all charges, a person should immediately contact an attorney. The moment someone realizes they are being charged with shoplifting; or the moment that they shoplifted and before they are caught, they should contact an attorney.

Whenever a person feels as if they are getting into trouble, any kind of criminal trouble at all, it is important to contact an attorney. The role of the attorney in a Caroline County shoplifting case is to give the individual advice on what they should and should not do, should and should not say, and how to protect their interests in the near and distant future on handling that particular matter.

Caroline County Shoplifting Lawyer