Building a Robbery Defense in Caroline County

The main difference between robbery and theft in Caroline County is the use of a threat, force, or intimidation. While for both charges, Caroline County lawyers would need to prove intent to steal, either attempted or an actual taking of property, when it comes to larceny, there is not that element of threat, force, or intimidation.

Robbery has all of the elements of a larceny only it includes threats, force, or intimidation, which makes the robbery a more serious and severe charge. If an individual has been accused of robbery in Caroline County, they should contact a practiced criminal attorney. A Caroline County robbery lawyer can help their client navigate the best defense case depending on the facts of their case.

Preparing a Defense

When building a robbery defense in Caroline County, the first thing a skilled robbery attorney will do is speak with their client to get as much information from the individual as possible. Once they have gotten information from their client, they will start the motion filing and pretrial investigation. The investigation will begin with the leads obtained from speaking with their client.

In every Caroline County robbery case, if the client is looking to get their case acquitted, the individual and the robbery attorney must figure out the proper motions that need to be filed before trial—motions for discovery, motions to suppress evidence, motions to suppress ID, anything that can be filed, usable to bolster the robbery defense for the case in order to protect their client.

Negotiating a Robbery Charge

Negotiating a robbery charge down to a theft charge normally occurs in one of two situations:

  • The Commonwealth lacks the evidence to go forward on a robbery charge, not being able to prove robbery, so they may reduce the charge, drop the charge down, or come up with a plea agreement, which leads to a desirable result away from a robbery charge.
  • Problems with certain elements or certain pieces of evidence in the commonwealth’s case where the Commonwealth may be able to disprove a robbery. However, if a witness does not want to testify, a video that has been suppressed, or an ID has been suppressed, means there are holes in the commonwealth’s case for robbery. Opening those holes up can sometimes lead the to a negotiation of a robbery charge down to a simple theft or larceny.


Lawyers will find witnesses and gather as much information as possible. When dealing with any kind of a serious felony offense, like robbery, the attorney will try to get as much information as they possibly can so they can be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to discussing their client’s defense. When stepping into the courtroom for robbery, this is vital to protecting their client’s best interest.

Robbery Plea Deals

There is only one time and one time only when a person ever take a plea deal as a Caroline County robbery defense. They can only take the plea deal if the deal is advantageous and in the best interest of the client. If an attorney is speaking with their client and they get to a point where a plea is ultimately going to be the best thing for their robbery defense, that is the only time someone should take a plea deal with the consent of the client.

Contacting an Attorney

Every jurisdiction is different. Having a Caroline County attorney who understands the trends of the court and the trends of the Caroline County commonwealth attorney is going to be beneficial in assisting their client and ultimately making the proper and right decisions that will lead to a desirable result in the defense for robbery charges.

Some jurisdictions are harsher than others. Some commonwealth attorneys are willing to work robbery cases where others are not. Knowing that information, having a Caroline County attorney who is familiar with the jurisdiction, who understands the way that the Caroline County jurisdiction works and the way that the people work within that jurisdiction is the only way in which the individual can be fully informed in making the best decision for their robbery defense, so that their client can make the best decision for their robbery defense.

Caroline County Robbery Lawyer