Elements of a Theft Charge in Caroline County

Theft is the taking of an item or items from another person or business, done so with the intent to permanently deprive the owner or the possessor of those items. Theft can include a multitude of charges. The main theft-related charges are petty larceny, grand larceny, and felony and misdemeanor embezzlement.

If charged with theft you should contact a Caroline County theft attorney because it is a charge that is taken very seriously. Many individuals have a common misconception that Caroline County takes it easy on a theft or a first offense charge. The person may believe that the authorities are not looking to convict or put anything on their criminal history. However, a theft charge in Caroline County is taken very seriously and when a person does not hire a lawyer to battle or protect their interest, they may end up walking out of court with jail time, a conviction, or heavy fines.

Aspects of a Theft Charge in Caroline County

A theft charge has various different elements that will affect the case. Some aspects are:

  • How the theft occurred
  • What was allegedly stolen
  • If the stolen item was taken from a home, business or person
  • If trespassing was involved
  • If a deadly weapon was used

Lastly, an important element to know is if the value of $500 or make is taken, the theft charge becomes a felony.

Conviction of Theft

Very similar to the elements of the crime, the prosecutor has the burden of proving the following elements:

  • There was a taking
  • The taking occurred against the interest of the owner or possessor
  • The taking was done so with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the thing

In a petty larceny, the prosecutor does not have to show value, but just that the item existed. In a grand larceny, the prosecutor must show that the item had a value of at least $500, which makes it a felony charge.

A lawyer wants to obtain anything and everything relevant to the case. Whether it is good or bad, theft attorney should never be in a situation where someone in the courtroom knows more about the case.

Additionally, an experienced attorney wants the client statement, witness statements, audio and video evidence, and the police report. They want everything relevant to their case to help their client make the best-informed decision and assist them in trying the matter.

Contact an Attorney Today

Understanding the different elements of a theft charge can be confusing. An experienced lawyer can help you analyze, build and understand the charges that you are being faced with. A theft charge can have lasting effects on your life, getting the help from an expert theft attorney will make the process much easier. Please contact our offices today if you have been charged.