Great Legal Representation

My experience with Mr. Braswell was excellent and I couldn’t have had a better outcome in the courtroom. I had Mr. Braswell represent me in a show cause hearing in which jail time was over my head relating to a DUI offense. First and foremost, Nick made himself very available and easy to get in touch with throughout this whole ordeal. There were multiple times when I had to consult with Mr. Braswell regarding my case and if I didn’t speak with him right away, I always received a speedy response. He was very genuine and friendly and not once made me feel like I was a hassle or bother. Once we had gone over all the details of my case he gave me his honest opinion and explained what we were going to do in the courtroom to ensure the best possible outcome. Prior to the day of my court hearing he contacted me to see how I was doing, which in my opinion shows great concern. He actually cares about his clients. The day of my court hearing, we both arrived early and reviewed everything once again before going into the courtroom. Mr. Braswell displayed confidence in the courtroom and my case was dismissed completely. I hope to never need Mr. Braswell’s assistance in the courtroom again, but if I do, he will be the first person I call. Great man to have in your corner!