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Variable For Robbery Charges:

  • Did the suspect have a weapon, and if so, was it used during the crime?
  • Was the victim assaulted?
  • If the victim suffered injuries in the robbery/assault, how serious were they?
  • Were other crimes committed at the time the robbery took place, and if so, what were they?

The common law offense of robbery is not specifically cited in Commonwealth legal statutes. The crime has been recognized for centuries, but the law does outline how it is prosecuted, and its penalties [Virginia Criminal Code 18.2-10]. The penalties will depend on how many of the following variables are involved in the facts of the crime. If proven, the penalties can range from a few years in jail to as much as death, if the victim is murdered in the commission of a robbery,  making it important that a Richmond robbery lawyer is contacted as soon as you are charged.

Virginia’s larceny (theft) rules that apply to the value of the property taken in a robbery might have some influence on whether the subject is charged with a felony or misdemeanor. Most robberies involve the commission of at least one felony. So, the value of the property stolen can be secondary to the robbery top count.

What Is Robbery?

Robbery is a combination of theft, where one takes any item of value from another through some sort of confrontation, and assault, which is defined as placing the victim in immediate fear of suffering serious bodily harm. This assault is committed by any of the following:

  • The suspect actually harmed the victim by “beating or choking” them, either with a weapon or with his or her hands.
  • The perpetrator wielded (or even merely showed) a gun or other deadly weapon that made the victim fear being harmed if they did not comply with the suspect’s demands.
  • The suspect harmed the victim with their weapon.

In its mildest form (threatening but not causing the victim harm), felony robbery can bring a five-year prison sentence [VA Code 18.2-58] meaning it is imperative that a Richmond robbery lawyer is contacted as soon as possible. The presence of more of the three specific characteristics listed above that are associated with the robbery, the longer the prison time. Though the statute says the penalty for robbery is “five years to life,” the wording is purposeful. This allows the punishment to fit the unique circumstances of the crime.

Attempted robbery is charged as a class 4 felony, which brings two to 10 years in prison and a possible maximum fine of $100,000 [VA Code 18.2-26]. To learn more about the charges you are facing or potential punishments contact a Richmond robbery lawyer today.

Carjacking Charges in Virginia

Robbery Lawyer in Richmond VirginiaCarjacking is a unique robbery offense because it presumes a violent confrontation between the robber and the owner of the vehicle. However, carjacking can only be charged when the owner is in actual possession (inside the vehicle and behind the wheel). If the owner is, for example, robbed of their keys in a parking lot, by an armed suspect who then drives away with their car, the suspect is charged with a different robbery offense than carjacking.

Carjacking brings at least 15 years, and up to life, in prison. If other “aggravated” felonies are charged at the time of the offense, such as felony assault or murder [VA Code 18.2-58.1 (C)], penalties can be much greater.

Contacting a Richmond Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a serious offense and therefore carries severe consequences including both jail time and possible fines. For this reason it is important that you take these charges seriously and contact a Richmond robbery lawyer as soon as possible. Through your contact with an attorney you be able to learn more specifically what your case entails and develop the strongest defense possible. Call today to learn more about what a Richmond robbery lawyer can do for you and set up a free consultation.