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Richmond Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Aggravated assault is an even more serious charge than simple assault. This often includes the use of weapons and results in malicious wounding, which results in serious jail time and a permanent mark on someone’s criminal record. It is important, therefore, to retain the services of a Richmond assault defense attorney with experience in this field, as they will understand the procedures of the court and can argue the best defense in a person’s case.

Aggravated Assault Charges in Richmond

An aggravated assault in Richmond is defined in a number of ways. Virginia does not have aggravated assault statutes. However, it does have a malicious wounding statute as well as a statute for strangulation. These charges are serious felonies.

Aggravated assault cases often involve weapons such as firearms, knives, and brass knuckles. Malicious wounding occurs when someone shoots, wounds, cuts, or takes actions to impose serious harm on an individual that resulted in serious bodily injury. Strangulation is an intentional application of pressure to a person’s neck that cuts off their blood circulation and interferes with their breathing.

For this type of case, the person charged should supply their lawyer with documentation about the charges and information about any witnesses who may have seen or know of the events.

Penalties for Aggravated Assault

The penalties for an aggravated assault in Richmond can vary. For a malicious wounding charge, the penalties can be a Class 2 felony which imposes incarceration time. A strangulation case, which is another version of aggravated assault, is a Class 6 felony which could result in up to five years in a penitentiary. Probation is likely in some minor cases. When it is a first offense and the injuries are minor, the court considers probation over an active jail sentence, but that is rare.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Aggravated Assault Attorney

With aggravated assault cases, it is very important to have an experienced lawyer who has handled these types of cases before and who has practiced in Richmond. An individual needs a Richmond attorney who is comfortable trying cases and going to trial. In these cases, the testimony of the witnesses who saw the action or the victim is extremely important. An individual must have an attorney with experience cross-examining individuals and trying to impeach their testimony.

How a Richmond Assault Lawyer Refutes the Prosecution’s Evidence

In an aggravated assault case, the best way to refute the testimony or some of the evidence is to show that there was no intent to harm. A lawyer establishes that the issue may have been accidental, and/or there was no serious injury, or show that it is one of self-defense.