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Marijuana Possession Charges in Richmond, Virginia

Although decriminalized in nearby areas such as Maryland and DC, the City of Richmond still has strict laws regarding the possession of marijuana that can result in fines and even jail time. Below, a Richmond drug lawyer explains what you should know and how marijuana is treated differently from other substances. For more information regarding your charge, call and schedule a consultation today.

How Marijuana is Treated Differently from Other Substances in Richmond

Richmond does treat marijuana differently than other drugs in possession cases. However, there is always a first offender option that’s available with marijuana cases that results in no jail time, community service and a license suspension.

In addition to that, prosecutors in the city of Richmond are more open to negotiating on marijuana cases, and more open to either dropping the charges should a person obtain some sort of counseling, and/or amending the charge to possession of paraphernalia which is a charge that doesn’t come up any license suspension and usually just a fine.

How the Decriminalization of Marijuana in Other Places Impacts Richmond

It is affecting the way the Law Enforcement and Courts view the severity of the charge however it is still illegal in Virginia and could result in substantial punishments.  In aggravated cases or issues where an individual has multiple prior offenses, the city of Richmond can prosecute marijuana cases harshly.

In first offender cases, the judges and prosecutors tend to take a very lenient approach. However, if it’s a case where there’s a large amount of marijuana found or if it’s a case involving distribution or minors, these cases will be prosecuted vigorously.

How Defending Marijuana Possession Charges is Different From Other Types of Drugs

What makes marijuana cases different than other drug cases is that prosecutors are often open to negotiate resolutions that would not be available in other drug cases.

In many cases, we’re able to amend the charge to simple paraphernalia or in some cases, we can negotiate an agreement to continue the case generally to allow our client to do community service and/or other requirements to get the charge dismissed.

Prosecutors in Richmond are open to alternative sentencing regarding marijuana cases where they wouldn’t be if it was another drug. Additionally, the judges and juries are more lenient toward simple marijuana possession charges than other drugs. However, if it is an aggravated case or multiple prior offenses, the judges and juries in Richmond will impose jail active sentences.

Long Term Implications of a Marijuana Possession Charge

If you’re convicted of marijuana possession charge in the state of Virginia, the long term consequences can be very impactful.  Not only would it result in a criminal conviction on your permanent record which could impact a security clearance or future job prospects but will also result in an automatic license suspension and possible jail sentence.

A marijuana possession conviction comes with an automatic license suspension of six months in the state of Virginia and up to twelve months in jail.

What Everyone Should Know About Being Charged with Marijuana Possession in Richmond

The most important thing to know about marijuana possession in the city Richmond is that significant penalties are possible. Despite the fact that the simple marijuana possession is becoming legal in other areas nearby, it is still illegal in Richmond. It can result in a jail sentence and license suspension which can have long term impacts both personally and professionally.