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What Should You Expect From Reckless Driving Charges in Henrico

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The prosecution goes about proving its case first and foremost by using the officer’s testimony. The officer will testify as to what they witnessed in the driving whether it’d be erratic driving or simply driving at a high speed. The officer will then provide whatever evidence they have aside from their testimony, which may be a radar calibration to show that the radar was working accurately on the day in question. In addition, if it is an accident case or erratic driving there may be independent witnesses called to testify as to what they saw. Prosecutors will use this evidence to show the driving was reckless either by speed or because there was a risk to property or person.

What Should Out of State Drivers Expect?

Whether an out-of-state driver needs to come back to appear in court would depend on the severity of the reckless driving charge. If it’s a standard reckless driving violation, let’s say they’re speeding 84 in a 70 for instance; they typically would not have to appear if they have an attorney appear on their behalf. If it’s an aggravated case with a high speed in the 90’s or even higher, or if there’s a case with alcohol involved or a case where there’s a significant accident and injury, then most definitely that person would need to appear whether they have an attorney or not. But in most cases, if they have an attorney representing them, they may not have to appear.

How do Henrico Judges Treat Reckless Driving?

In Henrico County, the judges are also very strict in the enforcement of the reckless driving statutes especially when the speeds rise to a very dangerous level in the 90’s and higher. The judges are aware of the growth of the county every day see the accidents, injuries, and fatalities that stem from careless and/or reckless driving. So, the judges keeping eye out for those sorts of violations and in aggravated cases they are very strict.

What Should I Expect if My License is Suspended

If it’s license suspension or some sort of suspension as a result of reckless driving, the judges are very strict about the enforcement of that. In many cases they will not give a restricted operator’s license, where a restricted operator’s license is, granted, they are very strict and allow only for  certain criteria like to and from work or to and from child care.  In many cases, if it’s an aggravated case of reckless driving, the judges will not grant a restricted license and use license suspension as a further punishment.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Lawyer with Local Experience?

Well, lawyers with local experience can give a client certain advantages. Attorneys practicing in Henrico County have a good idea of particular characteristics of each judge and how they treat each case. There are four judges that sit in Henrico and each one of them is unique and each one of them has different ways of treating particular matters, so you need to know which judge you’re dealing with in each instance.

In addition to that, having familiarity with the various prosecutors in Henrico is invaluable.  Understanding how they treat certain cases and having a personal relationship with them is extremely important. In addition to that, it’s helpful to knowledge of the officers in Henrico County.