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How DUI Cases Are Treated in Henrico County

In Virginia, driving under the influence is a serious offense that can have severe consequences. In Henrico County specifically, judges and prosecutors take DUI and other related offenses very seriously. Below are commonly asked questions about DUI cases in Henrico County and how they are treated.

In Henrico County, they are very strictly in enforced. Henrico has developed a zero tolerance policy on DUIs. They are heavily enforced, they are heavily prosecuted, and the officers and troopers in the area are particularly aware and keen on arresting individuals for DUI.

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What Roads and Streets Have a Lot of DUIs in Henrico County?

In Henrico it’s primarily Interstate 64 as well as 95, but probably the overall area that gets the most is route 250 where most restaurants, bars, clubs are located.

Are DUI Roadblocks Common in Henrico?

Though not common, they do occur and the main goal is to prevent DUIs and impaired driving. They will typically be done on secondary roads to avoid significant traffic backups and inconvenience. You can expect to see them at night and during holiday weekends.

What Happens After a First-Time DUI Arrest in Henrico?

When arrested you will be taken to the Henrico County Jail to be tested for alcohol. The officer will administer a blood alcohol test with an intoxilizer to determine what your BAC is. Depending on the results you will be charged with DUI. If your BAC level is elevated,  .15 or higher, the DUI becomes much more severe. After your test, depending on your BAC level and behavior, you’ll next be taken before a magistrate to be formally charged.  The magistrate will also be in a position to set your bond or deny you bond if your BAC is elevated or if this subsequent or aggravated case.

If you have a low BAC level, you may be released once the officer’s determine that you are sober. If elevated, then you will be brought before a judge for arraignment. Depending on the severity of your case, you’re either going to be spending anywhere from a night to several days in jail and that is before any sentence has been issued by a court.

How Important Is It to Have Local Counsel in Henrico DUI Cases?

Very much so, especially in a court like Henrico where you have four different judges. You cannot choose what courtroom your case is heard and each judge in Henrico is unique.  So, you want to know what judge you have, what their style is, what sort of arguments they will hear versus what arguments will they be not be responsive to.

In addition, you want to have some relationships with the prosecutor.  The more familiar you are with a prosecutor the better you’ll be able to discuss and possibly negotiate the case with them.  You’ll also know what issues you can raise that they may respond to in working out your case.

The more familiar you are with the Judges and Prosecutors in a particular Court like Henrico, they more able you’ll be to educate your client and prepare them for trial.

What Do You Find Particularly Challenging About Defending DUI Cases in Henrico?

The most challenging part is you’re  operating in a county that has taken a very hard stand against DUIs. In order to get a good result for your client you must pursue every avenue of defense and bring as many mitigating factors to the table to present if needed at sentencing. You have to understand that you must present strong legal arguments or issues with the State’s case if you hope to get your clients matter reduced or dismissed. In addition, you must prepare your client for the very real possibility of serving jail, receiving a license suspension, and dealing with the repercussions of a conviction.

What About Things You Enjoy as Far Defending DUI Cases in Henrico?

Well, part of the enjoyment comes from the challenge of it. These cases are tough to defend but that does not make them impossible. If you’ve handled as many cases as I have, you know what issues to spot and what arguments to explore. This does not mean necessarily getting your client exonerated, but could mean getting a jail sentence reduced or removed or obtaining a more flexible restricted license for your client.