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Our Approach to Richmond Criminal Cases

The following is information on how a Virginia criminal attorney approaches criminal cases in Richmond, Virginia. To discuss your case with an experienced lawyer call today and schedule a free consultation.

An Aggressive Defense Attorney Can Fight For Your Rights

    Top three goals when representing a client in a criminal case:

  • To advocate for my client
  • To educate my client and
  • To provide my client with options on how to resolve the matter.

It benefits having someone with knowledge of the law, knowledge of procedures and punishments involved, and an understanding of the system works.

An aggressive attorney can fight for you and to ensure that your legal rights are protected. You also want someone that can build a solid defense for you and ideally provide a positive outcome for you, whether that would be for a plea agreement or a dismissal. You need an attorney that is not afraid to challenge the State’s witnesses or evidence.

We Bring Experience to Richmond Criminal Cases

The main benefit of an experienced attorney is having someone with knowledge on your side. You need someone with knowledge of the law, an attorney that has tried the type of case that you’re charged with, and knowledge of judges and prosecutors in your jurisdiction. You need someone who also knows the prosecutors and procedures in the City of Richmond and how the City may treat or punish a charge that differs from other areas.

Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm As Opposed to Solo Practitioner?

I think the main benefit of having an attorney with a firm is the support system a firm provides. At a firm an attorney can tap into resources that a solo-practioner cannot, like law clerks, paralegals, and other attorneys.

First Things To Do If You’re Charged With a Crime in Richmond, VA

The first thing they should is call an attorney.  You need to speak with someone who understands the law and what you are charged with.   The legal system can be extremely complicated and confusing, so you need to consult with an experienced attorney who can guide you the process and educate you on what you may be facing.

Number two, get an understanding of what they are charged with and what their options are from the attorney.

Number three, help their attorney prepare the case.  With all of my cases, I ask my clients to obtain references, driving records, information on witnesses if available. One thing clients need to understand is that the attorneys can’t do it themselves. They need proactive assistance from their client.

Where is Your Office Located in Richmond?

My office is located off East Parham Road, in Richmond. That’s right across the Henrico County courts building. My office is located about 10 minutes from City of Richmond Courthouse.